Artist Spotlight: The Floozies

The Floozies are an electro-funk duo from Kansas, the widely known epicenter of all things hip and cool. Of all the e-funk out there, they are by far the funkiest. Their music is smooth but uncontrollably dancey, and if the notion of “cool” could ever be represented in a group’s sound, theirs would be it.

I discovered The Floozies when I read an article called, “The Top 5 Hudson Project [music festival] Artists You’ve Never Heard Of.” I had already heard of one, so, joke’s on you, article! (P.S. Go download some Odesza, they’re amazing).

I checked out all the artists listed in the article, and as soon as I heard The Floozies’ song, “Stuntin,” I posted the YouTube video on Facebook, tagged my Hudson buddies, and said, “LISTEN TO THIS.” We did. And we saw them on Sunday morning of the festival, and it was the last act we got to see before horrendous thunderstorms shut down the remainder of the festival and created deep mud puddles that caused a thousand cars to get stuck and have to wait over 12 hours for a tow.

So, despite the fact that I have really strong negative memories very closely associated with The Floozies, somehow it doesn’t matter; they are that good. If I were ever asked to repeat Hudson Project Sunday, I wouldn’t, because that mud situation sucked. But it would kill me a little on the inside to have to say no to a Floozies performance.

Remember that 1996 movie “Space Jam,” and the eponymous song that went with it? Of course you do, it was awesome and oh-so-90s. Well, remember how every time you listened to it you would think to yourself, “Damn, I wish someone would make a seriously dope funk remix of this song?” My friends, your prayers have been answered.

You’re welcome.

I was fortunate enough to see The Floozies again – sans mud – a few nights ago. They were just as fantastic as they had been at Hudson, but the smaller venue allowed me to get pretty close to the stage and to realize my new favorite thing about this band: Matt, the producer and guitarist of the duo, is the happiest man alive.

Tis true. I have never seen someone so smiley in my life. Whether he was playing guitar, talking to the crowd, or dealing with some unfortunate technical difficulties, he had a massive grin on his face. It was completely adorable and made you want to pinch his cheeks like he was a 5 year-old and I think I leaned over to mention his smiliness to my friends no less than 8 times.


Extreme happiness not nearly apparent enough in this photo.

In case I haven’t fully sold you on the Floozies, they’re one of the amazing artists out there who let you download their music for free from their website (Although, support the artists! Or whatever). So you have no excuse for not listening to them immediately. Now, go.


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