Trending: Butts

The people have spoken and butts are apparently all the rage in pop songs.

First you have “All About That Bass,” by Meghan Trainor.

This song is so stupid. I hate it. And I hate it even more now after watching the first few seconds of the video while trying to locate it on YouTube.

Then you have JLo and Iggy Azalea with “Booty”

Let me be clear on something here. I don’t typically like JLo’s music and while she can definitely sing and dance far better than I can, I don’t really respect her as an artist. And even I think she’s above this song. What happened to Jenny from the block? This video also makes me wish we lived in a simpler time, back when there was actually a sense of propriety in mass media. Whenever that was.

Finally, we have Nicki Minaj, with “Anaconda”

Okay, I sort of love this song. Not necessarily for its musical qualities, but just because Nicki has proven herself to be such an out of the box, I-don’t-care-what-you-think artist over the years that she’s the only person who I think can and should be singing a song like this. And also, she pays due respect to THE original butt song, “Baby Got Back,” by Sir Mix-a-lot.

This was really was the only butt song we ever needed.


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