My Dream Party

Over the summer I was taking a little stroll to run some errands, and I was listening to Griz, one of the many electro-funk artists that I’ve gotten into this year. As I listened, I thought about which of my friends would probably also really like Griz and how excited I was to one day foist him upon their unsuspecting ears. And then, as I always seem to do when I’m out walking, I had a brilliant idea.

You see, I take recommendations very seriously. It doesn’t matter if they’re for movies or books or TV shows or music. I will never issue a blanket statement such as, “Breaking Bad is one of the best shows of all time, everyone should Netflix it,” because as much as that should be true, it isn’t. Breaking Bad isn’t for everyone. But Breaking Bad is definitely for a lot of people. Specific people.

Similarly, even though I’m really excited about all the new music I’ve been listening to, I know not everyone will like all of it. Yet for pretty much any artist that appears in my iTunes, I can identify at least one friend who doesn’t listen to it but should. And for any friend of mine with a discernible taste in music (if I can’t define what you like, I can’t help you), I can think of at least one artist they would probably love. I want to fix this disconnect by bringing awesome friends and awesome music together.

In my fantasy world, I’m going to host a monthly party at my apartment, with music specially curated for the group of people I choose to invite for that session. We can do whatever people do when they hang out in small-ish groups: play games, talk, drink beer, eat snacks, whatever. The only rule is that I get to choose what we listen to, because whatever I choose is going to be something that I legitimately think the people there will enjoy. So they get to check out some new tunes and I get new people to come to concerts with me. Win win.

All I need to know now is – who’s in?

(And here’s one of my favorite Griz songs, to get the ball rolling)


2 thoughts on “My Dream Party

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