Dave Grohl is the Man

“Duh,” I can practically hear you say as you read this.

I’ve been a fan of the Foo Fighters since high school, and I would roam the halls with “Monkey Wrench” and “Everlong” coursing through my head. But I don’t think I really, truly loved the Foo Fighters until a few years ago when I finally got to see them live for the first time.

The concert started with a message from Dave Grohl about how, “the Foo Fighters don’t get up here and play for an hour and leave like so many bands do now.” And they didn’t. It was 3 straight hours of high energy and pure awesomeness. There was never a moment where he looked fatigued or like he was a performer who was conscious of trying to put on a good show. Dave Grohl does not need to try. He puts on a good show because to watch him live is to watch a man do what he loves, and you can’t not enjoy it. I bear no ill will towards electronic music (obviously), but there’s something so amazingly electrifying about a really great frontman on lead guitar. And Dave Grohl is in the upper echelon of his field.

Recently, Trombone Shorty, a New Orleans jazz musician who all of you should be listening to, posted a link to Facebook about the Foo Fighters. It was a segment from a recent 60 Minutes episode that talks about the Foo Fighters’ new documentary project that involves Grohl interviewing musicians around the country to learn more about the roots of each city’s musical culture, and how he incorporates what he learns in each city into a new song that he writes.

After watching this video, I am even more in awe of Dave Grohl. His passion for music shows so much in this short segment, and you can tell that he’s not in the game because he wants to be famous. He just truly loves music and wants to eat, sleep, and breathe it.

Do yourself a favor and watch the video. It not only talks about the Foo Fighters’ new project, but you get such highlights as:

– Silver Fox Anderson Cooper

– Shots of Grohl hanging out with his 3 daughters (major aww)

– Cameo from Trombone Shorty

I absolutely cannot wait until I go to New Orleans this weekend for VooDoo Festival and see these guys live. The only drawback? They play at the same time as Pretty Lights. I’m going to have to make some heartbreaking choices.


5 thoughts on “Dave Grohl is the Man

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