Where Are You, Santigold?

Initially I was going to write about Girl Talk for my first “Where Are You?” post. He hasn’t come out with an album in 4 years, and it is high time that he grace the world with another one of his amazing, genre-and-decade-spanning mashups. However, I saw Girl Talk a few weeks ago at the Escape Music Festival on Governors Island, and while he still hasn’t put out a new album, I can now safely say exactly where he is: touring the country, inciting crazy dance parties, dropping rainforest-killing amounts of confetti and shooting toilet paper guns at his audiences.

Santigold, on the other hand, is nowhere to be seen. It’s been 2 and a half years since her last album (it feels like longer), and 2 years since her last tour, though she did grace New York City for a free event in the summer of 2013 that was sponsored by Absolut vodka. I waited in line for over 2 hours to get inside Roseland Ballroom (again, RIP), and my initial group of 7 people had lost 4 to attrition by the time we were allowed to enter. It was well worth it, because once inside we were given free drinks, free cocktail hot dogs, a DJ set by Questlove (who seems to be the hardest working musician in all of NYC – it’s nearly impossible to avoid hearing a Questlove DJ set at some point), and finally, a Santigold performance. Which was wonderful, because Santigold is basically perfect.

Santigold is really hard to categorize, at least for me. Her sound is electronic sometimes and rap sometimes and rock sometimes and mostly a whole lot of stuff I really can’t put into a nice little bucket. But it’s all great. And while in this blog’s short lifespan I have referred to a number of people as “cool” – namely, The Floozies and Trombone Shorty – make no mistake – Santigold’s backup dancers are the coolest of them all.

Santi (which is her real name, not just some cutesy nickname I’m giving her out of an unrealistic sense of familiarity) has two women dance on stage at her shows. They look trendy and polished and hip in the way that Brooklyn girls are often portrayed on TV yet no one here actually exudes that kind of cool, slick allure in real life. And other backup dancers certainly never look like that because backup dancing is right up there with figure skating in having stereotypically corny, tacky outfits.

I apologize on behalf of whoever posted this video because it took them a full minute to figure out how to turn their phone the right way.

Another thing I want to point out about this video is that the song in it is a remix of “You’ll Find A Way,” which is my favorite Santigold song. In the 3 times I’ve seen her she has never played the song or its remix. Bogus.

Finally, I feel the need to point out that when Santi plays, “Creator,” she always invites any and everyone to come up on stage and dance with her, as long as they “leave my girls alone.” I want to go to a concert and stand close enough to the stage to make it a realistic option for me to go up there and rock out.

I’ve stalked Santi’s social media and I cannot find any evidence of touring or working on a new album, which is upsetting. She appears to have recently designed some kind of jewelry collection though, which placates me not at all. In the meantime, I’ll keep waiting impatiently.


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