The Best Songs For A Solo Dance Party

Dance parties of 1. We all have them. I’ve spent considerable time curating this list that gives you 2 song options to jam out to for every mood you may be in. You’re welcome.

When You Want To Get Your Diva On
Option 1: Beyonce, “Freakum Dress”

Option 2: Britney Spears feat. Madonna, “Me Against the Music”

When You Want To Sing Your Heart Out
Option 1: Bonnie Tyler, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (the dance version, not that slow boring one)

Option 2: Lake Street Dive, “Bobby Tanqueray”

When You Have Way Too Much Energy To Burn
Option 1: Focus, “Hocus Pocus”
I’ve never actually danced to this song alone, only with my roommates. Our wifi network is named after this song. Our devotion is serious.

Option 2: Outkast, “Bombs Over Baghdad”

When You Want Something A Little More Mellow
Option 1: Exmag, “No Diggity (Remix)”

Option 2: Griz, “Simple (feat. The Floozies)”

When One Song Just Isn’t Enough (AKA mashups)
Option 1: Alex Morgan, “The Next Episode in the Thrift Shop” (Dr. Dre & Macklemore)

Option 2: Mashd N’ Kutcher, “Trapped in Trouble” (Taylor Swift & Hardwell)
Basically the only time when Taylor Swift is acceptable.

When You Only Have 2 Minutes To Get The Dance Out Of Your System
Option 1: Rihanna, “Birthday Cake”

Option 2: Savoy, “Intro”

When You Want To Be Obvious (AKA songs about dancing)
Option 1: Jamiroquai, “Canned Heat”

Option 2: C&C Music Factory, “Everybody Dance Now”

When You Can’t Come Up With Your Own Moves (AKA songs with dances)
Option 1: Cupid, “The Cupid Shuffle”

Option 2: Soulja Boy Tell’em, “Crank That”

When You Want To Rage Without Actually Leaving The House
Option 1: Birdy Nam Nam, “Goin In” (Skrillex Remix)

Option 2: Showtek & Noisecontrollers, “Get Loose”

When You’re Feeling Down And You Need A Reminder That You Kick Ass
Option 1: Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now”
I listened to this song a lot in 2012 when I was unemployed. And I just passed my 2 year anniversary at my job, so, this song has a proven success rate.

Option 2: Weezer, “The Good Life”
Fun Fact: If I had to pick my all-time favorite song – which I really don’t want to do because that’s kind of a moving target and a stressful question – I would probably pick this.

When You Have Some Aggression You Really Need To Let Out
Option 1: Linkin Park, “Faint”

Option 2: Twisted Sister, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

When You Are Never Telling Anyone About This (AKA the embarrassing ones)
Option 1: The Pussycat Dolls, “When I Grow Up”

Option 2: Glee Cast, “River Deep, Mountain High”

And one more bonus track…

When You Have Nothing To Do On Christmas Eve Because You’re Jewish
Gramatik, “So Much For Love” (chosen only because this is what I danced to in my room last Christmas Eve when I was bored)

Now go forth and rock out! And if I missed any of your favorites, tell me!!


3 thoughts on “The Best Songs For A Solo Dance Party

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