I Miss Songs With Words

You never realize how great words in songs are until they’re gone. That sounds deep, doesn’t it?

When I unintentionally made a shift into listening to a lot more electronic music, I didn’t realize how different it was going to be (aside from the obvious fact that it’s a different style of music). While a “normal” concert-going experience involves both singing and dancing, a lot of EDM doesn’t really have words and so you lose the first half of that duo. And though I love all the house and dubstep and whatever other electronic stuff I’ve gotten into in the last 2 years, I’ve begun to realize how much I just miss words.

It started this summer, when I went to see Badfish, a Sublime tribute band. It continued this past week, when I went to see The Sweater Songs, a Weezer tribute band. What it says about me that the most memorable band shows I’ve seen of late are both tributes to bands beloved in the 90s, I don’t know. But it can’t be anything good. Anyway.

I was singing along at the concerts (because if you care enough to go see a tribute band, of course you know all the songs) and I realized just how much I missed being able to do that. Lyrics are a huge part of music and can really allow you to connect to an artist or a song on an additional level aside from just enjoying the actual musical content. Even if you don’t relate to the lyrics at all, being able to sing along still lets you enjoy music in an extra way.

I think I need to start listening to more music with words. I’ve fallen deep down into the realm of the wordless and I need to broaden my horizons. Or rather, re-broaden them to listen to the kind of stuff I used to listen to.

So, friends, if you’re reading this, let me know who your current favorites are. What awesome songs with words have you heard lately?


3 thoughts on “I Miss Songs With Words

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