2014 Concerts, By the Numbers

At the end of 2013, I was reading a music blog which referenced that the site’s owner had been to 155 shows that year. I thought that sounded like an absurd amount (probably because it is). I decided to make a more reasonable goal of going to 52 concerts in 2014. As of today (Christmas), I have somehow been to 103 mostly awesome shows, and unless something comes up at the last minute, my 2014 insane concert run is finished. Even though I doubled my goal, it still doesn’t feel like I was working to squeeze in a concert at every free moment and I could have easily gotten to at least 120. Despite this, I’m not going to aim for more shows for 2015. In fact, I’m not going to aim for any particular number. I’m just going to see where the year takes me.

As a note, I counted festivals not for the number of artists I saw, but for the number of days of the festival. So, for example, I counted Voodoo in New Orleans as 3 shows for the purposes of the spreadsheet where I track everything (I just outed myself as a huge nerd).

Let’s look at some fun stats, shall we?

Number of total shows: 103

Number of venues: 43

Top 3 venues: Webster Hall (9 shows), Terminal 5 (6 shows), Barclays Center (4 shows)

Number of venues that have now closed: 5 – Roseland Ballroom, 285 Kent, Death By Audio, SRB Brooklyn (I think? SRB’s status is always confusing), Glasslands Gallery

Number of free shows: 34

Of the 34, number of shows that were not actually free but that I managed to attend for free somehow: 16

Number of shows I paid less than face value for (thanks, StubHub!): 12

Number of shows I paid more than face value for (doh): 3

Most viewed artist: Big Gigantic (5), followed by KNTRLR (4)

Greatest number of days between shows: my first show was on 1/17, so if you don’t count those 16 days, then 13 (this happened twice)

Greatest number of consecutive show days: 4 (3 times)

Month with most shows: March, August and October (12)

Month with fewest shows: April (3)

Most shows in 1 day (at different venues, not festivals): only 2, but this happened a number of times (Eve/Dan Deacon, Breaking Bad Opera/Gramatik, KNTRLR/Basshunter, KNTRLR/Los Hermanos, Mad Decent Block Party/MDBP Afterparty, Global Citizen Festival/Eric Prydz, Bassnectar/Exmag)

In addition to tracking all the fun details of the shows I go to, I also write notes about each one, which can range from comments on the performance, the venue, the crowd, etc. Looking back on the comments, here are some of my favorites:

“285 Kent is a hellhole.”

“The clear best part was the Bitch Aria.” (about the Breaking Bad Opera)

“Went to this show by accident.” (I didn’t realize this venue had multiple rooms and I had no idea where the show I was supposed to be at was taking place)

“Basshunter was a cheesy corny Eurotechno mess.”

“Cake Shop is like a shoebox. They have some balls charging $7.”

“Just when you think it can’t possibly get more crowded…it does!” (about Marquee)

“Lorde was expectedly weird with her strange seizure dancing.”

“Com Truise sucks. I should not have gone to this.”

“Union Hall downstairs reminds me of a frat basement.”

“The acoustics at this show were actually so bad I grimaced.” (HAIM at Terminal 5)

“Gibbzmatik was a little too much Gibbz and not enough Gramatik.” (I like this sentence because it doesn’t sound like English)

“I waited in line for a very long time for this musical picnic where I knew zero songs.” (Janelle Monae at Prospect Park)

“Knife Party was of course awesome in a forgettable kind of way.”

“He was good, but I would have paid more attention if I had known during the first 30 minutes of his set that it was him.” (Eliot Lipp at Glasslands Gallery, where they apparently do not announce when their headlining DJs are taking the stage)

“Who wins tickets to the same concert 2 years in a row? I do, apparently.” (Presidents of the United States of America at Irving Plaza, April 2013/April 2014/April 2015???)

“Can Chromeo DJ every event for the rest of my life?”

“I want Lorde’s hair. How do I make this happen?”

“I like their simple and fun choreography and the fact that the guitarist looks like Nick from New Girl.” (Bad Rabbits at Terminal 5)

“The first guy, ‘DJ Honda Employee,’ was great.” (Deadmau5 at Knockdown Center)

“I really am out of the rap game, officially.” (LESbeat with Mike Jones, Petey Pablo and Mystikal)

“Manic Focus was wearing a power glove.”

The end! Super pumped to see what shows 2015 has in store for me.


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