On Repeat: GRiZ’s “Too Young for Tragedy (part 2)”

Alternatively titled, “I Got A Fever…And the Only Prescription…Is More Xylophone.”

I urge you, dear readers, to step away from this post until you have at least 19 minutes to spare. There are 2 songs in this post that total 16ish minutes, plus a little cushion room to actually read my, er, “analysis.” Don’t read this post without listening to the songs. GRiZ deserves your full attention.

“Too Young for Tragedy part 2” (henceforth TYT2) has been one of my favorite GRiZ songs for awhile, but I only really, truly, got into it this past weekend. I always thought it was kind of a fun, upbeat song with a slowish beginning, but after listening to it and actually paying attention – as opposed to listening on the go, which is what I normally do with music – I’ve discovered something.

This song is beautiful. It is full of emotion with highs and lows and takes you a full, crazy, satisfying journey.

To fully understand TYT2, you need to, of course, listen to TYT1. I don’t love part 1 on it’s own nearly as much as I love part 2, but together it’s really the complete experience. TYT1 is basically an extended prologue to TYT2, building tension and intrigue in a quiet, haunting way. It has these interludes of glitchy dubstep beats, and I almost sort of wish they weren’t there – I love the quiet parts way more. The single piano note at the end of part 1 is the perfect way to transition into part 2.

Now, onto the good stuff. I’ve listened to part 2 so many times in the last few days that I’ve really been able to break down the emotional transitions and what I love so much about it, but feel free to, you know, just listen to the song and not read my babble.

0:00 – I am obsessed with this xylophone. Is it even a xylophone? It certainly doesn’t sound like the instrument I used to bang around on when I was 8. I honestly wish TYT1 had more xylophone because for some reason I think this is the most beautiful part of this whole song. It’s so simple yet so insanely powerful. I imagine someone going through a struggle.

0:34 – The song starts to build energy, yet that xylophone is still there underneath everything. TYT2 is still in crescendo mode, continuing from everything that was built up in TYT1. It feels like something big is about to happen, even though I have no idea what it is. This part of the song makes me feel excited yet anxious.

2:04 – PARTY TIME! The struggle, whatever it was, is over. It feels victorious.

2:57 – The song dips again. Not back to the full quietness of it’s beginning, but it gets a little less chaotic and you can tell it’s going to build up to another funky happy dance party (spoiler alert!).

3:51 – It’s getting little angsty and I just love that this song represents such a full range of emotions.

5:20 – Here’s another amazing build that EDM fans love so much.

5:37 – Gettin’ funky!

7:29 – The song gets quiet, and – like part 2 – ends on a single note on the piano. It feels like the end of a Gillian Flynn novel – complete yet totally unsettling in the best way possible.


2 thoughts on “On Repeat: GRiZ’s “Too Young for Tragedy (part 2)”

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