My 10 Future Musician Husbands

When all my dreams come true and I get to go all Mormon style with a bounty of husbands, these are the guys who are going to play me beautiful music all day long. And probably also cook for me, give me back rubs, and kill all the spiders. Because, you know, fantasy.

1. Dominic LalliBig Gigantic


Dom is my number 1 on a list where I don’t even care enough to rank the other 9. He’s super saxy, even in this photo where he’s sweating like a disgusting beast.

2. Jeremy Salken, Big Gigantic


To be honest, Jeremy is not typically my type, with his long hair and crazy earrings. But I have to put him on here because a) Big G, obviously, b) He reps the chosen people with his Twitter handle (@jewunit) and his constantly evolving puntastic display name (currently: Jewvenile Delinquent), and c) everyone loves a drummer. I also couldn’t resist getting another photo of Dom in here.

3. Dillon Francis


Dillon Francis is a giant goofball and I will never tire of looking at this photo of him cheesing it up during a performance of his best buddy Zedd (who does not appear on this list but is also cute and is apparently dating Selena Gomez, or something).

4. GRiZ


I imagine that having GRiZ around would be a lot like having a really awesome dog. Super loyal, high energy, and totally silly. He and Dom could perform saxophone duets all day long (and sometimes do, because they, like most of the guys on this list, are friends).

5. Manic Focus


You may remember that I once proposed to Manic Focus on Twitter. So basically the ball is already rolling on this one.


6. Dave 1 – Chromeo


Dave 1 is cute and smart (he’s a French lecturer at Barnard in his…spare time?) and, like Jeremy Salken, Jewish. The only problem here is that he’s super skinny and I’m not sure I feel comfortable marrying someone whose thighs have the same circumference as my arms.

7. & 8. Harrison Mills and Clayton KnightOdesza


These 2 get lumped together because I don’t feel as passionately about them as I do about the others (shh, don’t tell). I remember making a mental note to add them to my list when I saw them a few months ago, but to be totally honest, I don’t even know who’s who. But their music is amazing and they have a kind of cool bro-y vibe that I am (unfortunately) into.

9. Matt HillThe Floozies


I noted in my concert review of The Floozies that Matt is the smiley-est person ever. I bet he’s so happy that it’s impossible to pick a fight with him, which would probably be extremely frustrating yet ultimately great for the longevity of a marriage.

10. RJD2


Last but not least, and the most recent addition to the list, is RJD2. He is hyper talented and I think I could look past the fact that he appears to be around my height.

Okay, now your turn. Tell me who your musician crushes are!


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