5 “No Diggity” Covers You Need In Your Life

I love “No Diggity.” Who doesn’t? It’s a smooth R&B song from the ’90s with an incredible amount of staying power. I listen to this song on the regular.

Around a year ago, I was at Webster Hall listening to Exmag with some friends when I was hit with this amazing, electro-funk version of the song.

I’ve seen Exmag a number of times since then and they never fail to perform this song. It makes me happy. In fact, I love this cover so much that I recently went on a bit of a quest to find some other top-notch covers or remixes. And my search proved successful, with many great options out there.

Like this more upbeat, flava-ful, house-y version by Bondax:

Or this smooth, sultry, soulful cover by Chet Faker:

Here’s a sort of futuristic hip-hop take on it, from The Polish Ambassador:

And finally, here’s Ed Sheeran and Passenger with a more folksy rendition. Towards the end they create it into a mashup with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop.”

I could go on, because believe you me, there are other awesome covers out there. Did I miss any??


2 thoughts on “5 “No Diggity” Covers You Need In Your Life

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