Shows I Missed: March 2015

The last and only time I saw Tkay Maidza, I was amazed at how short she is – and then I realized she was wearing giant platform boots. Despite her small stature, she’s a powerful rapper whose blend of hip hop and electronica would do really well at festivals, if she ever gets big enough to book them (and I believe she will).

She was at Rough Trade twice this month opening for other artists, and I sadly could not make either night. Really unfortunate since she’s from Australia and thus does not get over here very often. Womp.

I also really wanted to catch They Might Be Giants, who are doing one show a month for 5 months at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The album they were performing this month was one of my favorites, and I would have bought a last minute StubHub ticket for the sold out show, but whoever was selling the cheapest ones was only selling them as a pair (note to StubHub sellers: if you have tickets to a general admission concert, sell them individually. There is ZERO negative impact to doing this when there aren’t assigned seats and it increases the likelihood of your tickets actually selling). Blah.


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