Where Are You, Macklemore?

A Macklemore song came on my iPod the other day, and I thought to myself, “Whatever happened to that guy?”

(It was this song, in case you were wondering.)

The funny thing is, I don’t really care what happened to Macklemore (or Ryan Lewis, sorry Ryan Lewis). I loved his album, though I can no longer remember the name of it (“The Heist,” Google says), and in his nearly 2 year absence from the public scene I kind of just stopped caring. Much in the way that putting a year and a half between each of the last few Mad Men seasons made me care a whole lot less about Mad Men. I still watched, obviously, but I could have also not. “Out of sight, out of mind,” as they say. Or perhaps, “Out of sight, now I’ve completely forgotten what happened to Don Draper or Peggy or Roger or any of those people last season.”

2013 was pretty much the Year of the Macklemore. He burst onto the rap scene in all his anti-capitalist fervor, yet hit it ridiculously big despite having independently produced his album. He gave us “Thrift Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us,” and “Same Love,” proving not only his ear for mainstream music but also his sense of morality. Everyone, myself very much included, had major Macklemore (and Ryan Lewis, sorry to keep leaving you out buddy) fever. I saw him 3 times in the span of a few months and loved each performance.

And then…crickets. No one talks about Macklemore anymore.

So what has that dude been up to? Did he just fall off or what?

If you live in Mexico, Japan, or Germany and have been craving some M&RL, have no fear, it looks like the duo will be playing festivals in your respective countries this summer!

Otherwise, it looks like Macklemore will be putting out an album sometime in 2015. This is based entirely on one tweet, in which he replied to a fan who complained that, “it’s 2015 and no new Macklemore album,” with, “you will this year, believe that.”

So, everyone, our job is to start trying to remember who Macklemore is and all the good Macklemore-y times we had in 2013 so we get excited when the new album comes out. Cool? Cool. Here’s something to jog your memory.

(Macklemore’s videos are terrible, aren’t they? Uch.)


4 thoughts on “Where Are You, Macklemore?

  1. I did a half marathon in Las Vegas about 6 months ago, and Macklemore was the headliner of the pre-event, so it was thousands of super sober nervous people trying not to expend any energy which was more than a little strange. Also it was like 4pm. But despite the crowd situation he was actually pretty awesome. From memory I think the original headliner was Snoop Dogg who backed out. So I guess that is what he is up to these days, acting as an understudy for Snoop!


    • I love the idea of a Snoop understudy. Where do I sign up for that job? And actually yeah Macklemore is a great performer. I loved it every time I saw him though until he comes out with some new music I don’t think I’d pay to see him again. 3 times in 6 months was plenty.


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