Mysteryland: The Music

Mysteryland was seriously one of the best days of my life, and while I’m excited to write all about the logistics and other nerdy (I mean, cool) stuff, the music is really what makes a festival so that comes first. We managed to see a ton of music in just one day and this may actually be the best single day festival lineup I’ve ever attended.

Bob Moses – Bob Moses is a deep house duo, comprised of people who, I am told, are named neither Bob nor Moses. I think everyone knows how I feel about deep house at this point, but I liked this a lot even with my distaste for the DH. I got kind of sick of it after 20 minutes or so though and headed over to the boat stage for Manic Focus, one of my many music husbands.

Manic Focus – As usual, JMac came out strong with originals, remixes, and of course, the power glove. Did not disappoint.

Goldfish – I took my crew over to the main stage for these South African electro-jazzy guys and they became an immediate group favorite, as I knew they would. Nothing beats live saxophone, especially when it’s a MINI sax.

Minnesota – THAT BASS, THOUGH. We danced in the grass with our shoes off for this one. It was joyous.

Savoy – I love Savoy. They were my favorite set of Hudson Project last summer and I was overwhelmed with excitement at getting to see them again. Little did I know that Savoy would be laserless for Mysteryland, and while I love their music regardless, I couldn’t get past my lasery expectations so I was a little disappointed. Here’s a video of Savoy from Hudson Project to get a sense of what I was expecting to see. Don’t worry Savoy, I still love you.

Beats Antique – This was my first time seeing Beats Antique and all I have to say is…wow. Their fun-yet-heavy Middle Eastern funky vibe felt so rich live. Pretty sure this was a favorite set from everyone in my group.

Kygo – Tropical house is like Hansel – so hot right now. Trop house has such a light, airy vibe and is perfect for summer festivals. Kygo, you’re alright by me.

Gramatik – Denis is one of my all-time favorites and I will never not be deliriously happy after seeing him live. This set was particularly awesome because I heard him and Gibbz (who is touring with Gramatik this summer on vocals and guitar) perform the Prince song, “Kiss,” which I had seen in videos of other festivals but never in person. This was doubly awesome because I got to meet Gibbz earlier in the day.


Griz – Another of my musical husbands, Griz is funky and upbeat and, like Goldfish, chock fulla saxy time. This is one of my favorite songs off his new album. He worked with a children’s choir for it! Aw. I can totally see Griz getting along with kids because he’s a giant goofball. (Follow him on Snapchat – mynameisgriz. Hilarity ensues.)

Overall, A++++ music day. Mysteryland, I miss you already.


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