Camp Bisco: The Music

I’m home from the wonder that was Camp Bisco and in full-fledged post-festival withdrawal. So of course I’m going to make myself even more sad by recapping the highlights of the amazing music I listened to for 3 days straight.

Freddy Todd
I didn’t know much about Freddy Todd except that he’s on Lowtemp, Gramatik‘s label. His glitch tunes were so dancey that I went to see both of his sets. Love.

Pretty Lights
I was super pumped to see PL because I hadn’t seen him in over 6 months, and my obsession with him has grown exponentially since he blew my mind at Voodoo in New Orleans. This set was everything I wanted it to be and more. Derek’s music is so beautiful that each time I see him I care less and less about the visual, “pretty lights” portion of his sets. Beware of shaky video ahead.

This was just so moving. His music is so peaceful and the violinist that accompanied him was incredible. I had never seen him before, but I’m told that occasionally he plays with a full ensemble, which is definitely on my music bucket list now.

Snails was just straight up dirty. I didn’t get to watch too much of this set because it was so packed that my friends and I were essentially standing in a pathway and kept getting shoved by people trying to move in or out. But what I did see what just a ridiculous get down dance party. I love seeing otherwise peaceful, mellow hippie folk rage out to music like this.

Big Gigantic
Having seen Big G already a number of times this summer, I couldn’t really find it in myself to get that excited for this. But somehow I still found myself up at the front of the crowd, and the boys totally killed it. Dom snuck in a really soulful jazz-style sax solo at one point, which I hadn’t seen him do before. The crowd loved it. Between this and their awesome Electric Forest set, I think I’m going to stop doubting them. Good thing, too, because I’m seeing them again in 2 weeks.

Marvel Years
I first learned about Marvel Years when I saw him open for Gramatik earlier this year. To me he sort of sounds like Pretty Lights Jr., and while he had the earliest possible set at Bisco (11:30am), I anticipate that that won’t last long. I missed a good portion of this set, but the part I did catch I listened to while floating in a tube down the lazy river (Bisco has a water park IN THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS), which was basically perfect.

Manic Focus
I love MF, but for some reason this set never really hit its stride for me. It was just okay.

The Disco Biscuits
The Biscuits (for whom Camp Bisco is named), played 6 sets throughout the weekend. I caught one in its entirely, probably missed 2 or 3 in their entirety, and saw bits and pieces of the other ones. I find it hard to formulate an opinion on them because their funky, jam band style is really diverse, and I found some of it wonderful and some of it boring. A highlight for me was when they performed a cover of Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia.” This ruled.

My 4th and favorite Bassnectar set. I GET IT NOW. I’ve always had a great time seeing Lorin but I finally understand why people walk around with his logo plastered all over their clothing and accessories. This set took place on the main stage, which was an amphitheater with a small standing area in the front, lots of rows of chairs behind that, and then a giant lawn section at the back. I was standing on my chair and danced so hard I fell over. Thankfully I caught myself on the chair in front of me.

“Don’t miss Jauz,” I saw someone on Facebook say a few days before Bisco. So I went home and listened to some Jauz and thought it sounded like generic house music and decided that I would, in fact, miss Jauz at Bisco. Yet even the best laid festival plans tend to unravel, and I found myself dancing at Jauz’s set with my feet in the wave pool. Jauz threw down HARD, and I’m happy to admit that I was so, so wrong about him. Incredible.

I didn’t know much about Tipper before Bisco, but I knew that people loved him and that I should expect to enjoy myself. For some reason I thought his set was going to be really mellow, a la Emancipator. It was not mellow. It was super glitchy and upbeat and the fact that his set was only an hour long is a crime. He’s a new favorite for me.


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