Electric Adventure: The Music

Electric Adventure was my last festival of the summer! Sob. Here’s what went down:

Paris Blohm
I had no idea who this guy was, just happened to catch him at the beginning of Saturday. He was pretty generic progressive house but it was perfect for the crowd and even in the 90 degree heat I was into it.

I don’t remember how I heard of UZ, all I know is that somehow 2 or 3 years ago I ended up with one of his songs plus 4 remixes of that same song on my iPod. He played that one song! It was awesome. I like his mysterious, I-wear-a-mask-and-no-one-knows-who-I-am vibe. Plus, trap is great.

Beats Antique
I was happy to see them again after Mysteryland, especially because I missed out on Zoe’s awesome bellydancing that time. The guy in Beats kept referring to the festival as “Adventureland!” instead of Electric Adventure, which was hilarious.

Pretty Lights
I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my favorite PL set ever. It was a little darker than normal BUT I still had an awesome time. Plus, I’m seeing him at the Red Rocks in Colorado this weekend, so who even cares? Have I not talked about my excitement for that on this blog yet? Insane. Expect full recaps. I like this video below because the moment when the song transitions was the moment at which my friends were leaving (it was the end of his set) and I was supposed to go with them but when I heard this song come on I yelled, “I LOVE THIS SONG I CAN’T LEAVE.” And so I stayed.

Paper Diamond
I’m really torn about Paper Diamond because this is the 3rd time I’ve seen him and the 2nd time I wasn’t that into it. But I love his music. What gives? His older stuff has such a cool, mellow sound to it and his EA set was pretty hip hop-y. I’m seeing him again later this month though and still pumped for it.

Big Gigantic
They totally tailored their set to EA’s bro crowd, and I think it was super smart of them to do that. Except there was a mosh pit.  A MOSH PIT. Or rather, a circle of dudes just shoving each other aimlessly. You don’t dance to Big G by shoving. Blech. It was an amazing set though.

GRIZ! He ruled. His cover of Saint Motel’s “My Type” was just as on point as it was at Terminal 5 in April. He’s so fun and energetic. Love.

Machine Gun Kelly
I had never heard of MGK but I ended up staying for most of his set. It had a rap/electro/rock vibe that was sort of similar to Linkin Park (who I loved, back in the day) but with better rapping. He has insane stage presence and his persona is so outlandish I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t (I don’t think).

Random DJ Guy
I left MGK a little early to head over to Dillon Francis where my friends were, and on the way there I got pulled into one of the smaller tents by a guy who was running around the sand trying to recruit people to join him at this stage. So I went. There were maybe 10 of us dancing to house music with TONS of room and just enjoying the moment. I kicked off my shoes and flailed my arms around and it was great. I have no idea who that DJ was. I’m not even sad I never made it to Dillon.


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