Electric Adventure: The Experience

A little bit late but here is the logistical recap of Electric Adventure in Atlantic City. It was only 2 weeks ago but seeing as I’ve gone to Denver for Pretty Lights at the Red Rocks since that time, it feels like forever ago.

Easy peasy! Though the second day they took my chapstick and my tic tacs. That was annoying because how am I supposed to survive a 90+ degree day without my Burt’s Bees?!? Wah.

Major highlight: watching all the men wait in pain and suffering to go through security while waltzing up to the nearly-empty women’s line. Payback for all the times there’s never a wait for the men’s bathroom at..every place ever.

The Crowd
This crowd sucked. Not entirely, but mostly. When you combine a festival like this – which naturally is going to attract the jerkiest of EDM fans – with the Jersey shore, you get asshole central. I didn’t have any negative interactions with anyone aside from the wholly inappropriate mosh pit during Big Gigantic, but I still would prefer to not be around people like this all the time.

Fun Stuff
What fun stuff? No rides, no art, no nothing. There was some overpriced food and a few vendors. Unless you count this festival being on the beach as “fun stuff.” My legs were super tired from spending hours walking across the beach and sand flies kept biting my ankles so the whole novelty of the beach thing turned out a little less than cool. This isn’t to say that I didn’t have fun at this festival – I did. But let’s not pretend there was anything particularly special about it.

EA said that there would be a water refill station for Camelbaks only, which is basically the most insane and terrible water policy I’ve ever heard, especially for a festival in blistering summer heat with minimal shade and DOUBLE especially because none of the food vendors were allowed to sell bottles of water – you could only buy them from the bar. Thankfully there ended up being no oversight to the Camelbak policy and you could fill up whatever bottle. Though I’m not positive that the water refill station I went to was a “real” one – it was literally just a few hoses held up by a chain link fence, and seemed a little last minute. So it’s entirely possible they just added those hastily when they realized that they would have otherwise had a lot of dehydrated partyers (partiers?) on their hands. The water tasted like it came straight from a pool and was hard to actually choke down, but it was water nonetheless.

The layout of this festival was pretty simple and small and had it not been such a workout going back and forth between the stages, it would have been awesome. As it was I’m glad it covered such a small area because I work out almost every day and I was still exhausted from dancing and walking on sand.

I also think this festival would have been vastly improved if they hadn’t fenced us off from the ocean, though obviously I understand why they couldn’t just let us go swimming.

It’s Atlantic City! Get there however you like. Perhaps the best transpo thing that happened to us was that our hotel was around 2 miles from the festival, and while we initially were fine walking there on AC’s fun boardwalk, it eventually got too hot and we didn’t want to tire ourselves out before the festival even started. So we paid one of these dudes who basically pushes a bench on wheels to push us the rest of the way. For $20 split between 3 of us we rolled up to EA like ballers. It was hilarious.

I think I paid around $150 for my early bird ticket, which is pretty cheap for such an amazing lineup (even despite other logistical shortcomings). Regular prices got up to around $200 I believe, and even that isn’t so bad compared to EDC or EZoo, which also do not include camping.

Overall, I’d maybe consider going back to EA next year if the lineup was decent, but there are tons of better festivals out there so certainly no commitments from me.


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