Don’t Get It Twisted

Sometimes I come across bands or DJs who have really similar names, and it takes me a second to think about whether I’m reading or thinking about the right one. So just to set the record straight, these people are not the same:

GRiZ vs. Grizfolk
GRiZ is a goofy electro-funk producer who plays the sax. Grizfolk is an alt rock band. I saw them on a festival lineup once and got very excited for a second before I realized that they are not, in fact, GRiZ.

Moon Hooch vs Moon Boots
Moon Hooch is a band comprised solely of 2 saxophones and a drummer. Moon Boots is a producer of deep house and other types of music I’m not particularly a fan of.

Kaskade vs. Cascada
Okay I’m 100% the only person to ever get these confused. When I first started seeing the name “Kaskade” around I immediately thought of that cornball song from 10 years ago. You know which one. It took me at least a few weeks to get up the motivation to do some googling and figure out if they were, in fact, the same. Obviously they aren’t.

Vibe Street/Vibe SquaD
Vibe Street coined his own genre, grasshop, by taking bluegrass songs and adding strong bass lines. His music is awesome. Vibe SquaD is an Afropop group whose tracks are kind of like reggae on speed. Their music is also awesome. Everyone wins here!

Too many similar letters. FKJ, which stands for French Kiwi Juice, is…electro-R&B? I just made that up but it seems appropriate to me (one day I’m going to write a post about the ridiculousness of EDM sub-genres). FKA Twigs is actually also electro-R&B. And a professionally trained dancer. And engaged to Robert Pattinson, I think. These two should be friends though, if they aren’t already. Electro-R&B twinsies!

TV on the Radio/Late Night Radio
Indie rock vs Colorado electro-funk (I’m seeing Late Night Radio on my birthday this year probably, yayyyy).

Neon Indian/Neon Trees
Neon Indian, a synthy electro-pop group. Neon Trees, a pop rock band with at least one song that you’ve definitely heard all over the place.

Flying Lotus/Regular Lotus
Just kidding, “Regular Lotus” is not a thing. It’s just “Lotus.” Before I saw FlyLo for the first time at Hudson Project last summer, it was described to me as, “Random random TRAP TRAP TRAP random random TRAP TRAP TRAP.” I found this description to be quite accurate. Lotus is a jammy livetronica band.

Little Dragon/Little Daylight
Little Dragon – an electro-pop band that’s been around for nearly 20 years. Little Daylight – an indie pop band comprised of people who probably aren’t that much older than 20 and who I discovered by accident at a Jukebox the Ghost concert.

I really hope I’m not the only one who has ever been confused by any of these. Though knowing me, it’s possible.


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