Electric Zoo: The Music

Even though I’ve been to a ton of festivals this summer, it’s nice to still have some surprises. Here’s what I thought of the music from Electric Zoo, the last festival of the summer! (Wah)

I was so happy to finally catch a solid Snails set after the stage at Bisco was way too small for us to get into the action. As much as I always think it’s going to be weird to start off the day with something so heavy…it wasn’t! I’m still not sure why he refers to his music as “vomitstep” but..I’ll go with it.

I knew of Eoto but had never heard them before and this was INCREDIBLE. It was like a psychedelic trappy jam band. Eoto’s drummer also plays in String Cheese (a feature of Electric Forest) and maybe I’ll start paying a little more attention to the Cheese now. I am not posting a video of Eoto because I can’t find any I like. But trust me on this one.

Keys N Krates
This trap band never disappoints. When they play “Dum Dee Dum” live these days they do this incredibly long and overwrought intro and even though it’s their biggest song I don’t think it warrants that kind of build up, BUT…I still love them.

Zeds Dead
I wasn’t intending to see this set but the tent where Galantis was playing was too crowded. I got lucky though because these guys are awesome and even though they are everywhere in this scene, I didn’t know much about them. Their music spans multiple genres, from super chill to not at all chill, and we were wayyy far in the back of the audience so we had lots of room to flail around (and more importantly, we were well situated to monitor the crowd situation at the tent, because Gramatik was up next and if you think anyone can keep me from Gramatik  YOU ARE WRONG).

Gramatik was even funkier than normal, and while I’ve seen him tour with vocalist/guitarist Gibbz all summer, the addition of Andrew Block on trumpet was great. No complaints here. Okay, one complaint. Technical difficulties made his set start 10 minutes late but he didn’t get to go over his allotted time. That was bummer city. I love this song because every time I see it live my friends and I automatically break out into some kind of jazz hands/swing type dance right around the 1:18 mark (and every time thereafter when this part comes up).

The Chemical Brothers
I wish I had better things to say about The Chemical Brothers since they’re legends. Their set was fun but I thought it was pretty choppy and really hard to dance to because there was no consistency to it. Every time I stood up to dance, the beat would change to something sort of arrhythmic and I’d sit back down. The highlight was at the end when they played a song that legit sounded like robots and lasers and other space things and my friend and I both spontaneously broke out into the robot dance. For a few straight minutes.

This was fantastic, obviously. GRiZ is funky fresh and a nice change from a festival that’s overrun with house music. Plus I got to meet him the following day, AND I got to go to a super secret rooftop set that he did a few days after that. I was going to write a post about unofficial “GRiZ Week” but..I think I just summed it up pretty nicely.

Thomas Jack
For a tropical house DJ, this wasn’t actually that tropical – at least not compared to people like Kygo or Matoma, who are perhaps at the most tropical end of the spectrum. Either way, it was fun.

The Glitch Mob
YES. I’ve been waiting to see The Glitch Mob live for so long now. Their energy was incredible and really filled the Hilltop Tent to the brim. Plus, my friend’s Mastercard allowed us to go up onto the Mastercard-only “VIP” platform so I had an awesome view and otherwise got to feel superior to the peons dancing down below (where I had been every other time I was at that stage). And the LIVE DRUMMING. So wonderful.


4 thoughts on “Electric Zoo: The Music

  1. That’s what I was waiting to read about. All the bands sounded like they were fun to listen to, No clunkers in the bunch. A lot of music, a lot of fun. That’s the way it should be.


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