Friends My Own Age

As someone who was born in 1983, I am completely and totally enamored of 90s music. From NSync to No Doubt to the Beastie Boys and everything in between, the music of the 90s is representative of my youth, from the time I was old enough to really start appreciating music all the way through (most of) high school. Sure, there’s a teeny soft spot in my heart for some 80s music as well, but it’s not nearly the same because I wasn’t even really a person for most of that decade.

Webster Hall, a New York venue both hated and beloved by many, currently hosts a 90s cover band on Friday nights, and I’ve gone to see them a few times in recent months. It has always been nothing short of magical, allowing me to dance like a fool and sing until I lose my voice.

I’ve mentioned a number of times how I’m pretty old compared to most people in the electronic music scene, and even though Webster 90s night has nothing to do with that community, I often find myself heading there with at least some of those same friends. And while I don’t usually feel old around my early and mid-20-something friends, heading to 90s night really widens the divide between us in a way no electronic show ever has. Because what the 80s are to me – a decade that I was technically around for but not super aware of – is what the 90s are to those under 25. And sometimes when I get so incredibly ridiculously excited about a song (like the one below) and then I look around to see that my younger friends have never even heard it before, I realize just how important it is to at least maintain some friendships with people your own age. =)

So while any of my New York friends reading this are invited to come to Webster 90s night with me, the invite is especially for those somewhere closer to my own 32 years. I promise you’ll have the best time ever.


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