2015 Goals Update, 2016 Goals

At the end of 2014, I set a few goals for myself for this year. They were:

  1. Buy a VIP pass at least once.
  2. Go to at least one show a month that I know nothing about.
  3. Treat a friend to a show I think they’d like.
  4. Meet at least 3 artists.

How did I do?

VIP Passes
I did not do any VIP shows. I did get an accidental upgrade to VIP at Irving Plaza for Jukebox the Ghost, but I didn’t even stay at that show that long and the only cool perk was getting to watch from the balcony (and the cool sticker you see below). Maybe this means VIP is never worth the upgrade? I’m not too sad that I didn’t spend money on that.

One Unknown Show A Month
I went to several shows I knew nothing about! It wasn’t really on purpose, but between Jukely (the concert subscription service), friends asking me to join them for shows, or just the general availability of free concerts in New York City, I experienced lots of new music this year. After a quick look down my spreadsheet, I estimate that I went to around 8 shows without really knowing anything about them in advance. I’m happy with that, even if one of the shows I only went to because GRiZ tweeted that he was going to be there (more on that later).

Treat A Friend To A Show
This one is a sore subject for me. Though I originally intended to buy a ticket for a friend to see a show with me, I ended up buying a ticket for my friend Dan to see Big Gigantic in Chicago. I love Big G and think everyone should experience the joy of their live shows, and the circumstances just felt right for sending Dan to see them because he had sort of expressed interest in it anyway. Except he ended up not going because he wanted to go out to dinner instead (?!?). I gave the ticket to someone in the Big G Family, but I was pretty unhappy about the whole thing. (Dan, I have forgiven you, but I still think you made a bad choice).

Meet 3 Artists
CRUSHED THIS. When my friends left me at Mysteryland to go wander around, I met Gibbz.

The next month, I got to meet Harrison and Clay of Odesza when they did a signing after a show in Brooklyn.

In September I got to meet GRiZ, as  I mentioned earlier. He was in New York for awhile following his Electric Zoo performance, and tweeted that he was going to see a band he knew and that people should go. I went.

I also met and rode on a weird music party bus with Jason Hann, the drummer of the String Cheese Incident.

That same night, I got to chat with Eric “Benny” Bloom, of Lettuce (as well as some people from RAQ, Turkuaz, and I think a few other bands I don’t listen to that much).

Finally (I think), this past weekend I was down in Virginia for Basslights (a mini festival featuring Bassnectar and Pretty Lights). On Sunday after the Basslights show there was an after-party featuring Vibe Street, and when he was done I got to say hi to him as well. I didn’t think to ask for a picture but I’m pretty excited about meeting him anyway because we went to the same college (Tufts, GO JUMBOS) and had the same major (Philosophy) which I think is pretty awesome.

So my 2015 goals were both a hit and a miss, but I have no regrets. What about 2016? Here are my new goals:

  • Meet 3 more new artists
  • Attend 1 new festival this summer
  • Experience at least 2 NYC music venues I haven’t been to yet
  • Travel to Philadelphia for at least 2 shows (my friends and I call this the “mini-adventure”)
  • Turn one friend into a fan of an artist they haven’t heard of yet

I think all of these are do-able, yes? Let’s find out. 2016, let’s gooo!


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