On Repeat: “Worth It,” by Fifth Harmony

Coming off an amazing Basslights weekend, you’d think I’d be rocking out to some head-banging, bass-heavy Bassnectar or some emotional electro-soul like Pretty Lights. Well, you’d be wrong.

I love a good saxophone line and this arguably crappy pop song has one. Who is Fifth Harmony, exactly? Another formulaic sassy girl group that will fade into oblivion in a year? Perhaps. I still dig this song though.

It reminds me a bit of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” which I was also heavily obsessed with for a long time. Except Jason Derulo is amazing and these Fifth Harmony chicks seem kind of lame.

Hudson Project 2014 was my first time ever seeing GRiZ, and the fact that he remixed this Jason Derulo song with his live sax just solidified how much I loved him as an artist. And still do!


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