2015, By the Numbers

Well, I gave you my favorites and least favorites of 2015, but how many shows did I end up going to? Here are all the stats with last year’s info added in for comparison:

Excel is fun!

Excel is fun!

If you want the TL;DR version: I went to 115 shows at 58 different venues in 2015. I went to Webster Hall the most and saw Pretty Lights the most (but never PL at Webster, no no no). That’s really all you need to know.

As with last year, I thought I would share some of the more interesting comments from the Notes section of my concert-tracking spreadsheet:

“The opening rap group kept spraying bottles of water all over people and it’s like, hey it’s literally 7 degrees outside can you not do that? Thanks.” (Rustie at Music Hall of Williamsburg)

“George Maple is a hot Aussie chick! Who knew?”

“The lead singer is a poor man’s Lorde, but it’s all good. They’re both Kiwis! I hope they know each other.” (About Broods)

“7 or so disco balls is a lot.” (About Space Ibiza as a venue)

“Such a weird show. Love the heavy bass but TOO MUCH FOG. Couldn’t see shit. HudMo kind of looks like Gavin from House of Cards. People crowdsurfed? Okay.” (Hudson Mohawke at Irving Plaza)

“I stayed for 10 minutes tops which includes when I was in the bathroom.” (Hot Chip at Output)

“Shpongle DJ set was very un-Shpongley.”

“I mean, I don’t even know how to really talk about this. Everything was wonderful.” (Pretty Lights at Red Rocks, obviously)

“The crowd was made of a bunch of people who clearly did not go out much.” (Fleetmac Wood at Lot 45)

“Also he looks like Kevin Smith.” (Revelations about Michal Menert.)

“I hope he blows up but I also hope he doesn’t because I love feeling like part of a weird freak family.” (Dreamer’s Delight always brings out the weirdos)

2016 seems to be off to a slow start as I don’t have much planned yet for this year. But I have a feeling it’ll pick up soon.


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