Which EDM Sub-Genre Are You?

What I’ve learned over my time as a fan of electronic music is that the music is not just classified by those few simple terms we may hear thrown around – “house,” “techno,” “dubstep,” etc.

As I listened to more music and read more about what I was hearing, I learned to use some of the more nuanced genre labels that you don’t hear as often in mainstream music land: deep house, progressive house, hardstyle, drum & bass, glitch, and so on and so forth.

But as I go further and further down the rabbit hole, I come across names of sub-genres that are just getting wildly out of control.

Cloud House. Trap Hop. Chiptune. Witch House.

What ARE these? Someone out there probably knows. I am not that person.

The fun thing about EDM sub-genres is that you can basically make up whatever you want and since music is a subjective experience, you can be right! Like the most pretentious of wine drinkers, just take a little sip of some music and then spout off whatever words come to mind and you’ll sound worldly and intelligent. Example: at a Slow Magic show a few months ago, a friend and I were trying to classify what his sound was.

“I call it…tribal house,” I said.

“I like it,” my friend replied.

While that term does appear on this insane wikipedia list of EDM genres, I totally made it up at the time and I still have no idea what Slow Magic would “officially” be classified as.

Sounds tribal-y to me! Especially around the 40 second mark once the drums come in.

In any case, just for a little funsies I made a Buzzfeed-style naming game so now everyone can determine what EDM sub-genre they would be! Let me know what yours is! Is it a “real” one? I’m Dark Hop, which sounds deep and mysterious. I like it.



2 thoughts on “Which EDM Sub-Genre Are You?

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