More Music ‘Moji

I remember quite clearly how overjoyed many of my friends were when Apple introduced the taco emoji to the iPhone. As an Android user I suppose I should be jealous, though to be honest I’m a low-level emoji user and an infrequent taco eater. I have noticed, however, a distinct lack of a drums emoji, which I have tried to locate on several different occasions before realizing that I would have to suffice with words to express whatever percussion-related sentiment I was trying to convey (probably something to do with Big Gigantic, which is comprised of a saxophone and drums).

If Android were to add a drums emoji I would probably be as excited as my taco friends.

So this got me thinking about other music emoji I’d like to be able to use when texting people about shows, songs, and the like. Here’s my list (emoji creators, take note!):

  • Drums
  • A ticket (this could be multi-functional – film and theater lovers, this is for you too!)
  • A stage with a band (even in a tiny emoji I think they could make this work)
  • Dancing, either one or 2-3 people. (Regular Android texting doesn’t have this but Whatsapp does! Does this mean iPhones have it? Now I might be jealous.)
    o-DANCER-570        nrm_1417796868-screen_shot_2014-12-05_at_162728
    I don’t know if either can-can lady or the dancing cat alien twins really exemplifies what I’m going for, though.
  • A person with headphones. Big ones for a DJ (or just those people who walk around with giant headphones), as well as earbuds. I have an emoji of both types of headphones, but not with a person wearing them.

And here are a few ideas that are a little more specific to the electronic/festival/whatever community:

  • A person wearing a flat-brim cap. No one bends their caps anymore because I guess it’s not cool, or something. Bonus points: an emoji of a cap with lots of pins on it would be heavily utilized, I assure you.

    It is surprisingly difficult to find a photo of a hat with pins on it.

    It is surprisingly difficult to find a photo of a hat with pins on it.

  • Lasers! I’m not sure how they’d capture this but I actually looked for a laser emoji the other day when texting my friend about electronic rock band SAVOY. Had to suffice with just saying, “LASERS!”
  • Beaded bracelets, or “kandi”
  • A person on the rail. If you’re at the rail it means you’re at the very front of a show, literally on the gate that separates you from the stage. People tend to be pretty obsessive about getting a rail spot at shows because it gives you “_____’s biggest fan” street cred or whatever, but I personally prefer to be a little further back where I have room to dance.
  • A port-a-potty. Disgusting, but if you ever go to a music festival, you will become very well acquainted with using them.
  • Camping/tents. Again, Whatsapp seems to have this but regular texting does not. In any case, Whatsapp only has one lone tent and in order to convey the festival feel I would need at least 700 (or 2 is probably fine).

Did I miss any? What other crucial music emojis (is “emojis” the plural of “emoji”?) are there?


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