Artist Spotlight: Too Many Zooz

Too Many Zooz is a band that comes from the humblest of beginnings. A trio that got their start busking in the Union Square subway station, they recently sold out the 600-person capacity Brooklyn Bowl just a few short years after the band’s formation.

Too Many Zooz is comprised of David “King of Sludge” Parks on percussion, Matt Doe on trumpet, and Leo P. on the baritone sax, or as I like to call it, the “megasax.”

As someone who has openly supported the making up of music genres, I was happy to see that Too Many Zooz came up with their own terminology for their upbeat, often frenetic tunes: brass house. I think it describes them perfectly. Take a listen: 

For those of you who want the Too Many Zooz experience but refuse to listen to the full 11 minutes of that video, at least watch this short one in its entirety. Leo P. has some legendary sax dance moves, and they’re on full display here: 

Though I first heard of Too Many Zooz a year or so ago in the context of the somewhat similar band Moon Hooch, the Brooklyn Bowl show was my first time seeing them live. It was everything I expected and more, and I’d be surprised if this performance doesn’t make my top 10 best shows of 2016 list. From the band’s entrance wearing brightly colored fur coats to their high energy danceable songs to the man about 10 feet in front of me in the crowd triumphantly waving a full pitcher of beer in the air the entire time, the show left absolutely nothing left to be desired (except another show).

Too Many Zooz is in the process of creating a full length album, and if you have some spare change and want to help some talented artists bring their vision to light, send a few bucks their way via their Kickstarter (I did!).

While I wait for the new album to come out and for the release party that I get to attend as a Kickstarter backer (ahem), I might start spending some more time in Union Square, hoping to catch these guys on their home turf. They mentioned at the Brooklyn Bowl show that they don’t play in the subway too often anymore, and with their growing popularity, I can’t imagine that will change any time soon.


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