Live Journaling “The Life of Pablo”

Well, the new Kanye album has arrived, and while he didn’t bow to Martin Shkreli’s wishes to sell it only to him, the album is only officially released on Tidal and isn’t that kind of the same thing as giving it to a sole owner?? WHO EVEN USES TIDAL? Anyhoo.

I’m usually pretty passive about listening to music, having it on in the background while I work or run errands, but for my first pass through The Life of Pablo I decided to give it the full attention that it deserves. I took a few notes on each song and decided to share them here. Due to the album’s limited release it is more or less impossible to find links to most of the songs so..hopefully you have your own copy to follow along!

Ultralight Beam
A little too melodic for rap? Kind of R&Bish. Dig the gospel choir but I hope it gets more hip hop-y. Biblical “pillar of salt” reference!

Father Stretch My Hands pt 1
Sounds like current top 40 crap. I expect more uniqueness from Kanye.

Father Stretch My Hands pt 2
Good beat. So much autotune.

Good, catchy. Awesome break.

Weird in that Kanye/Yeezus way. (Here I put a big check mark)

Low Lights
No Kanye? Solid beat maybe wasted but catchy.

High Lights
Too much autotune. Gets snappy! I dig. Reminiscent of his older stuff. Overall an “eh” song with great moments.

Freestyle 4
Scary with sci-fi thriller horror sounds!

I Love Kanye
Loveeeee his humor.

Has a sense of gravitas. Kind of poppy. Single potential? Fuck Chris Brown. Good “lighters in the air” kind of song.

Not so melodic. The Weeknd sucks. Gets less juvenile but still not a great song. End vocals sound like a dying animal.

Real Friends
I like this beat but not 4 minutes of it.

So much autotune, again. Dig the kind of tribal vocal thing in the background. Like the mostly a cappella ending.

Silver Surfer Intermission
Can’t even understand what this dude is saying.

30 Hours
This is the Kanye I want and love. 

No More Parties in LA
A+ song title. A+ guest verse from Kendrick Lamar. A+ beat. 

Old timey feel is amazing and then DARKNESS. Favorite?!? Typical “is he extremely self-aware or completely lacking in self-awareness?” feel that I love about Kanye. Steve Harvey reference! Clearly super recent.

Kind of a jungle vibe. Everything about this is amazing. Tempo changes, all verses. Autotune for once doesn’t bother me. Awesome dance track. Reminds me of Oliver’s “Night Is On My Mind.” 

I realize these comments are not super helpful without being able to listen to the tracks. Ah well. I think it’s clear that in my first pass through the album I wasn’t totally overwhelmed with joy, though the album definitely gets better as it progresses. I had a much more positive initial reaction to Yeezus when it came out, though I think my opinion of The Life of Pablo will improve after a few more listens, though. Because KANYE.


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