Concert Review: Justin Bieber at the Wells Fargo Center

I never thought that I would see Justin Bieber in concert once, yet alone twice (read about the sadness and hilarity of the first time here). Yet when a friend was gifted a pair of tickets by her boyfriend but asked to bring someone else, I couldn’t say no. I love a pop extravaganza and I figured the Biebs would not disappoint.

What I expected from a Justin Bieber concert would be awesome dancing, pyrotechnics, and lots of screaming teenagers. I got all of those things, but there was also a Bieber drum solo, a lot of stupid faux-gangster bandana-wearing, a giant trampoline, a mellow acoustic break, and actual raining.

(Apologies for the vertical video – they work far better on Snapchat than they do on YouTube.) But I was pretty impressed by this waterfall setup which seemed wholly unnecessary for a one-song encore, but I suppose appropriately extravagant for a tour that’s selling out huge stadiums across the country.

I think we all know that Bieber is actually a really talented dancer, and I was definitely impressed when I saw him last summer, so I had high expectations for this time around. His energy level was pretty low throughout the show and he seemed to be phoning it in a little, and I honestly think part of the reason for this is that most of his choreography was too simple for him. He made most of the dancing look easy, which is great, but then you had weird moments like this.

What is that dorky walk for the first few seconds? Who knows.

Overall, I had an awesome time at this show and didn’t even mind being nearly deafened by all the screaming (thanks, earplugs!). It was exciting and fun and being on the older end of the audience spectrum allowed my friend and I to have a sense of humor about the ridiculousness of it all. I mean seriously, why the bandanas? WHY?


It was totally worth the trip to Philadelphia and while I’m still not willing to shell out money for a Bieber show (last summer I saw him at a festival for free), I sort of hope I manage to just stumble upon some tickets to see him again in the future.


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