Mysteryland: The Music (Year 2!)

Festival season is back! HOORAY!

I was fortunate to snag some last minute passes to days 2 and 3 of Mysteryland up in Bethel, NY, thus officially kicking off festival season and marking the first time that I get to review the same festival twice! Let’s get down to business.

Ganga White Night
I knew nothing about these dudes going into ML, but my ears were pleased to find some super thick, bass-heavy tunes. Very reminiscent of G Jones, in my opinion (which is great, because I missed almost G Jones’s entire set later on that day). 

The Floozies
The goofiest funk duo alive. I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever be disappointed by a Floozies set. They throw down with the best of them, and I enjoyed their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner with Matt singing through a guitar talkbox (this is what the thing Peter Frampton uses is called, yes?). 

I love Emancipator. His music is beautiful and calming and wonderful and has no business being so late in the day at a festival. People were sleeping all over the lawn during this one, myself included. It was a great set but my unsolicited advice to all festival schedulers would be to keep him during the daylight hours. 

This set did not do it for me and most people seem to share this opinion. It’s too sad for me to even talk about because Gramatik is one of my favorites. I’m seeing him again in August and keeping my fingers crossed that this was just a fluke. I did love this “Eat Liver!” opener from his new Epigram album, though. 

This was the first act I saw on the last day of the festival, and while I started out just sitting on the grass trying to ease myself into the day, I couldn’t help but get up and dance after a few minutes. I’m not posting any YouTube clips here because his set was so upbeat yet it appears that most of his catalog (which I am completely unfamiliar with) is more slow and melodic. I am decidedly not into any of these songs that I’m picking through right now, but would see him live again in a heartbeat.

He is an adorable and soulful little R&B-esque powerhouse. I have no idea how old he is but he looks far younger than my 32 years. The feels were running high in this set. 

I stopped by this set because I had vaguely heard this name before.  It was INCREDIBLE. There were house moments and moombahton moments and drum & bass moments and I was having so much fun that dancing while literally jumping up and down did not feel adequate enough to express my enjoyment. And as a bonus, he played in the Big Top tent which was a nice warm change from the windy outdoors. No video here either because yet again I am just not digging what I’m finding.

Keys N Krates
Love them. This 3 piece trap band never disappoints me in a festival setting. The kind of set that gives your quads a real workout. 

OMGRIZ. Best set of the festival and easily the best GRiZ set I’ve ever seen. I would relive this 70 minutes over and over. His transitions are on point and I love how he remixes his own funky songs into something heavy and trappy that works perfectly with festival crowds. And opening with Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It?” YES. 

Zeds Dead
Even after enjoying their set at Electric Zoo last year I am still woefully ignorant of Zeds Dead music. And while I loved this Mysteryland set, I still don’t really know what they sound like because they played so much non-Zeds Dead music. That being said, I was totally into it because it was like being out with my friends at a bar with a really great DJ. Zeds Dead, you can DJ my next birthday party fo sho fo sho. 

I don’t know why but this was a little bit of a snoozer for me, likely because I was actually just flat out exhausted. The last time I saw Nectar was at Basslights in December and that experience was next level for me. This, on the other hand, was forgettable. I still love Nectar though and have been rocking out to his music in my bedroom all day (and enjoying it far more than I did at Mysteryland). 

You can also read about the Mysteryland logistics, for the more technical stuff. =)


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