New Playlist: Starts With P

Of all the theme parties I attended in college (and there were many), my favorite was probably “Starts with P,” which I was fortunate to have as a party theme on more than one occasion.

The premise is pretty simple: dress up as something that starts with the letter “P.” It’s a beautifully freeing theme which, unlike most college theme parties, does not mandate that women dress provocatively. It also allows those who are more tentative about putting on a costume to do something less extravagant without feeling half-assed.

(For the record, I was a big fan of dressing up as a pirate, and probably still would if I encountered this theme ever again. Maybe when I start my dream festival I’ll have a “starts with P” theme day.)

Anyway, I had the brilliant idea *pats self on back* for a “Starts with P” Spotify playlist, we are! No other explanation necessary. Click on the Spotify logo, and enjoy!

I realize the Spotify embed may not be working – so if that is the case, click on over to the playlist the old fashioned way, because technology is a jerk sometimes.


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