Farm Fest: The Music

One week ago I was at itty bitty Farm Fest, sitting under my canopy for the last time and dreading going home to the real world. I already wrote all about the Farm Fest logistics, so now let’s get down to the important stuff: the music.

Like at any festival, there was a mix of old favorites and new discoveries. Here are the highlights:

I fell in love with Soohan when I discovered his remix of the Inspector Gadget theme song, which somehow is both hip hop-y and…ethereal. Farm was my first time seeing him live, and it was as great as I thought it would be.


The Widdler
I had never heard of this act before, but in the hours leading up to it it seemed like the entire festival was anticipating his performance. This is usually a pretty good indicator of something awesome, and it was. This short demo song I found is a perfect example of bass music that’s perfect for a small festival in that it’s still sort of mellow and doesn’t make you want to go too wild (one of my main complaints I heard throughout Farm was that the music – which we could easily hear from our campsites – was way too heavy for the chill environment).


The Floozies
I’ve talked about these guys so many times on this blog. They are always fantastic, and it was particularly great dancing to this funky set with my feet in the lake. After the 95 degree day, it was cool and refreshing.


Krooked Drivers
This duo-turned-solo-act is one I hadn’t seen before so I was really looking forward to it. It was funky and soulful and glitchy and wonderful.


Modern Measure
Easily the best new discovery of Farm Fest for me. I had heard this name before but knew nothing about this band. It reminded me a little of Emancipator in its weird combination of upbeat and mellowness.


You may recall that I saw Emancipator just last month at Mysteryland, and I found it a total buzz kill. The whole audience’s energy seemed to die during this set at ML and I said that Emancipator should never play at night. Well, they played at night at Farm and for some reason, it just worked. It was so perfect for the beachy setting.


Liquid Stranger
This was another one that the whole festival seemed to be buzzing about yet I really had no idea of what to expect. Like a lot of the music at this festival, his stuff was chock fulla bass. What I found most impressive was that he opened and closed his set by rapping, though he didn’t talk at all during. So it was cool and totally unexpected (plus, he’s crazy talented).


And thus concludes my recaps of the only camping festival I will attend this summer. So sad.





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