On Repeat: Drake, “One Dance”

This is terrible, you guys. I really like this Drake song. Except I really do not like Drake. But, as happens when every radio station, bar and retail store blast the same 10 songs at you over and over ad nauseam, stuff starts to grow on you.

(This is science. People tend to like songs that are familiar to them. When Outkast first debuted “Hey Ya” in 2003, no one liked it because it was different and weird. The way radio stations got people to love the song was by announcing that right after this new Outkast song, they would be playing whatever the cool, popular song of the moment was. This ensured that people didn’t change the station throughout this weird song that no one liked. And eventually by couching “Hey Ya” between songs people already liked, people grew to like “Hey Ya” also. I don’t remember where I read this story, but I didn’t make it up, promise.)

But I digress. “One Dance” is such a good song! Drake be damned. This is like when I was obsessed with that song “Trouble” and then I found it was by Taylor Swift which really upset me because UCH TSWIFT. But sometimes you just have to accept these things.


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