Elements: The Music

I can’t believe I didn’t write about Elements last year! No recaps! Shame on me.

Now in its second year, BangOn!NYC’s Elements Music and Arts Festival is legitimately one of my favorite NYC events of the summer. It’s a one-day festival (maybe that’s why I chose not to write about it) that takes place next to an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn. It’s dirty in the coolest possible way and I had so much fun last year and so much fun this year and man, is it really a year until I get to go again? Sigh.

With 5 stages there’s a ton of music to choose from, but if you saw this lineup at all you know that I mostly went for my main man Gramatik. But all the other music was wonderful too! Let’s discuss.

Bleep Bloop
Let’s just revel in the name Bleep Bloop for a second. What a perfect name for almost any electronic music producer, amirite? I keep accidentally typing it as “Bleep Blop” which is also great. Man, what a world we live in. Here’s some Bleep Bloop trap stuff. This is the kind of thing I wouldn’t really listen to at home but is so fun to get down to outdoors. 


Sweater Beats
This guy is 17 years old! You know what I was doing at 17 years old? Getting excited if my high school volleyball coach started me in one of our games, most of which we lost because my volleyball team wasn’t that good. This, plus the whole Olympics thing going on right now, makes me feel inadequate as a person. But anyway, he was great and I wonder if they let him drink the boozy seltzers that were in the artists lounge since he’s not even close to being of legal drinking age. I know every EDM fan loves a good bass drop and I suppose I’m no different because he had some great ones. 


I love Opiuo! Who doesn’t? He played my favorite track off his new album and it made me the happiest girl in all the land. I know most of the people reading this probably don’t listen to the tracks I post but if you’re going to listen to one song in this list, listen to this one.


I remember turning to my friend and asking who was playing at the time, but I didn’t remember what the sound was like until just now when I checked out his Soundcloud. Ghastly is some screechy dubstep. This would definitely also fall under “music I wouldn’t listen to at home but is fun at festivals.”


If ever there are artists that I just stop blogging about because I already talk about them too much, Gramatik will 100% be on that list. This set just made me so happy, and the icing on the cake was that earlier in the day I ran into Gibbz, who was there to play guitar and do vocals for Gramatik. I specifically requested that they play their version of “Kiss” by Prince, which they did, and it was wonderful. I assumed they were already supposed to play it, but Gibbz later told me that they played it BECAUSE I ASKED. If you think I’m telling this story because it makes me feel cool, you’re right. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to feel cool, so let me have this moment. 

In this sadly brief video you can also see how cool the Elements main stage was.

Those are the highlights! Stay tuned for the logistics post and also an “official” recap from my duties over a Mix 247 EDM!


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