Electric Zoo: The Music (Year 2!)

I think everyone knows the drill by now. Don’t forget to read about the EZoo experience over here, and let’s get down to business.

G Jones
I arrived at EZoo just in time to catch G Jones. If you don’t know G Jones, here’s the main thing you need to know about him: the bass is so heavy that if you try to record any video on your phone, it sounds like this: WUB WUB SCRATCHY SCRATCHY WUB. Totally impossible. But so fun.

Flux Pavilion
Flux was one of the first electronic artists I ever listened to, back when I had no idea about genres and just started listening to random artists from all across the board. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen him and while I don’t listen to much dubstep anymore, nostalgia will always make go to his sets (plus, he’s great). 

My friend and I snaked our way in through the crowd to get pretty close for this one, and I made us leave 10 minutes later because it was boring. Nope.

The Hilltop tent had about 1000% humidity during this set, but it was so fun I didn’t even care. I nearly lost my mind when he started playing Pretty Lights because Datsik is so heavy and PL is so not, until I remembered that this remix is an official thing that exists and I shouldn’t have been surprised by it (whoops). 

The last Nectar set I saw was so disappointing, I was happy that I didn’t repeat that experience. This set started off so mellow but it picked up in intensity and got to the head bangy level you expect from him. 

I didn’t really know much about Hermitude aside from this one song of theirs that Flume remixes and which I heard nearly every artist play on the first day of EZoo. They had adorable Australian accents and were more chill than I expected them to be, in a good way. I’m not being entirely fair to them by posting the Flume remix here but..it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to. 

I LOVE GOLDFISH. They’re so fun and so talented with their many instruments.  Their street team handed out cardboard goldfish and we waved those fish in the a-yer, waved them like we just didn’t ca-yer. 


Big Gigantic
Hey, have you guys ever heard me talk about this band? No? YES YOU HAVE I TALK ABOUT THEM ALL THE TIME. Big G just released a new album and hearing the new stuff live for the first time was incredible. This was my favorite Big G set ever, ever, ever. 

Polish Ambassador
My first time seeing Polish live and it was the BEST. I had no idea that he wears a crazy jumpsuit and otherwise just has so much great energy. A+ must see again. This set was such a nice way to cool down after the insanity of Big G. It was also sort of nice that the tent completely emptied out because everyone wanted to go see Porter Robinson or Steve Aoki, which is SUCH A MISTAKE because Polish is so much better. But whatevs.  


I’m sure EZoo will draw me in again next year, so, until then!


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