Meadows: The Experience

Festival season is officially over and I am a sad, sad lady. Here is the part 1 recap of day 1 of the inaugural Meadows Music & Arts Festival (I did not attend day 2).

My friend and I got to the festival pretty early, so lines were short and it was a painless process. We had just come from brunch, where I had informed her that she was supposed to print her ticket (as opposed to being able to scan from her phone). So after brunch we ran around finding a copy shop to print her ticket before getting on the subway to Citi Field. When we arrived at Citi Field we were pleased to see the ticket scanners turning away someone who did not print her ticket, informing her she had to go over to the will call/box office area to handle it there. Schadenfreude, perhaps, but our effort was worth it.

As an all genres festival, this was a pretty standard NYC crowd, which is to say it had a wide age range and diverse attire, as opposed to the sparkle bras and furry leg warmers that I see at electronic festivals like Electric Zoo. It was a chilly, Autumn day and I saw very few people who were underdressed. There were maybe a few more high school kids than I would have liked, but overall, no one was obnoxious. Hoo to the ray.

Fun Stuff
Meadows was light on festival extras, which I didn’t find surprising but I think it’s pretty ballsy to bill themselves as a “music and arts festival” when the art component is pretty weaksauce. There were a few small upright panels with some graffiti on them, I guess to give that “city” vibe? Eh. I didn’t mind, I was just there for the music anyway (it’s not like this is Electric Forest). Not directly part of the festival, but one of the advertisers was walking around with huge Kanye and Kim heads, and that was just awesome.


Since this festival took place in October, water wasn’t quite as important as it was during summer festivals. I filled my water bottle up at the beginning of the day (no line), and it basically lasted me through the night. They had those high-speed spigots that I love and that honestly probably weren’t used all that much. Thanks, 60 degree temps!

Gold star to Meadows for being yet another small festival that’s easily walkable. What I found interesting about this one was that all 4 of the stages were basically in the center facing out, and at any given time there were performances only on the 2 stages directly opposite each other – and then they would switch when the sets ended. I was skeptical of all the stages being so close to each other but because they faced away from each other it worked really well.

Having a festival at Citi Field meant that the public transportation was on point, because managing large crowds after baseball games is something they already have down pat. Our 7 train going there was pretty empty and the express trains leaving the festival afterward were super efficient. A+.

A little pricey for what it was, but…it’s New York. I expect to overpay for everything here and I had such a great time that I have no regrets. Arriving early meant we took full advantage of the day, but even if we hadn’t, Pretty Lights’s set alone would have been worth it.

Overall, my Meadows experience was far better than I anticipated. The rain forecast proved totally inaccurate, the cold weather wasn’t too bad, and I just had a great time. Meadows, I approve of you.


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