Meadows: The Music

Meadows Music Mania! (I’m cool.) Here’s a look at all the (spoiler alert: awesome) music I got to listen to at Meadows in Queens this past weekend. And clickity click on over here if you missed all the juicy logistical details that I like to geek out about (again, I’m cool).

The first time I ever heard of “FUNKLORDZ” Chromeo was in December 2013 when they opened for a free Pretty Lights show with a DJ set. Since that time, I’ve seen Chromeo do probably around 5 DJ sets, but never a straight up Chromeo set. UNTIL NOW. Man, they were just the best. They have this funky, upbeat 80s kind of vibe and finally getting to hear them actually sing and play instruments was just so fun. Such a high energy way to kick off the day.

Sylvan Esso
I had seen this indie pop duo once before at a free Prospect Park show, but my friend and I were more focused on our picnic than the actual music. As someone who has gone so far towards the realm of electro-soul and funk music in my listening habits, it was nice to remember that I actually enjoy other types of music, on occasion. This was a great, mellow daytime set.

Damian Marley/Thomas Jack

The son of Bob Marley and a tropical house producer don’t really deserve to be lumped together, except they were on at the same time and my friend and I split our time between these 2 sets (about 25%/75%). It was like 2 ends of the tropical spectrum, going from reggae vibes into fist-pumpy beachiness. Thomas Jack ended his run with Lipps Inc’s 80s hit “Funky Town,” and jumping around with one of my best friends screaming our heads off to this song was some of the most fun 4 minutes I’ve ever had at a festival.

Empire of the Sun
Instead of telling you about Empire of the Sun, I’m just going to leave this video here. They are…something else. I mean this in the best way possible.

Pretty Lights
Pretty Lights is never not good, let’s be real. I don’t think it’s possible for me to listen to him for 75 minutes, shrug my shoulders and go “meh.” But this was easily a top 3 Pretty Lights set for me, possibly best ever (I think I’ve seen PL around 12 times now). The new-ish band he’s touring with is fantastic, Lazershark (his lighting director) is basically a genius, he puts a funky spin on already amazing songs and the whole thing just felt like a big dance party with family (which it is, if you love Pretty Lights. Fans = family and you’ll run into people you know and love at any PL set). “I Can See It In Your Face” is probably my favorite song to hear live because the trumpet part just fills me with SO MUCH JOY. (Watch the video below, the awesome trumpets come in at 2:14). If you want to hear the studio version with slightly better audio (which you should, because this song is f’ing great, use the bottom link and wait for the trumpets at 2:38).

I still feel like I’m living in the wake of that amazing PL set. Derek, you killed it, as always. So much love.


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