Spike Right Drops Scarily Awesome New Mixtape

Of all the wonderful things I took away with me from Electric Forest 2015, perhaps one of the best was my new friend and pretend little brother, Cody.

Cody is a great friend, an excellent rapping buddy, and a really talented producer who goes by “Spike Right.” He just released a creepy, industrial sounding mixtape, “Make America Paranoid Again,” and I’m happy to share it with you. With Halloween approaching, the timing of this release could not be more perfect. Check it out below.

Cody and I talk about music constantly, so I happen to know that he’s a huge fan of both Gesaffelstein and Rezz, whose dark, haunting influences are clear in this new Spike Right release. I’m so happy to see a good friend follow through on something he’s passionate about, and look forward to seeing some horror movies scored by my little bro a few years down the line.

So be sure to check out “Make America Paranoid Again,” though maybe not right before you have to walk somewhere alone in the dark.


One thought on “Spike Right Drops Scarily Awesome New Mixtape

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