2016 Goals Update, 2017 Goals

At the end of each year I reflect upon my music-related goals for that year and set new ones for the coming year. In my 2015 goals update I set the following ones for 2016:

  • Meet 3 new artists
  • Attend 1 new festival this summer
  • Experience at least 2 NYC music venues I haven’t been to yet
  • Travel to Philadelphia for at least 2 shows (my friends and I call this the “mini-adventure”)
  • Turn one friend into a fan of an artist they haven’t heard of yet

How did I do?

Well, in 2016 I met Dom and Jeremy from Big Gigantic, which was so exciting even though it was super brief. I hugged them! I also met Dom and Dave from Goldfish after winning a meet & greet with them. It was a big year for me and Doms, I guess. I didn’t meet any other artists this year but 4 people counts as 3 artists, right? (Not really). But I did have phone interviews with Maddy O’Neal and Dirty South, so that’s gotta count for something.

I attended Farm Fest in July 2016, so checkity check on attending 1 new festival. Booyah.

I hit up a bunch of new venues this year. I went to a few raves at Studio E, which isn’t really a music venue so much as an empty warehouse that Jukely occasionally throws parties in. I also hit up Warsaw, an old Polish hall in Greenpoint with a cool vibe and probably delicious food. I had my first House of Yes experience, the kooky space in Bushwick that showcases music but also aerial performers, face painting, and a series of other fun things. I went to a free show at Samsung 837, which is the performance space in a Samsung store, as well as the Mixmag Lab, which is the performance space in a media office. I saw some excellent shows at the new Ford Amphitheater on Coney Island and got jammy at The Hall of MP. I saw some producers I love at American Beauty, which is actually just Slake except they call it something different for its early shows (WHYYYY). And then there were a few miscellaneous others, such as seeing John Legend in the gorgeous Riverside Church.

So yes, I did see show in at least 2 new NYC venues this year.

As for Philadelphia shows, I traveled there to see both Justin Bieber and Paul Simon. This is not at all the kind of Philadelphia mini adventure I had in mind when I began the year but both were fun and memorable.

If nothing else, the friend I brought with me to see (and meet) Goldfish said, “I didn’t expect it to be that fun. They’re my new house loves,” which definitely qualifies as turning a friend into a fan of a new artist.

So I did pretty well on my 2016 goals even though I legitimately did not remember what any of them were. I’m going to keep some of these in tact for 2017:

  • Meet 3 new artists (always)
  • Treat myself to VIP at a show/festival (Electric Forest, done and done)
  • Experience at least 2 NYC music venues I haven’t been to yet (gotta catch ’em all!)
  • Write at least 2 “real” blog posts per month (lists, such as my monthly Mix247EDM roundup, do not count)
  • Devote some time to an artist that I probably should have paid more attention to over the years but didn’t. I have a list of these that includes Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, and others.

I’m super pumped to end 2016 with a trip to New Orleans for Pretty Lights. And then 2017…let’s do this!


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