Shows I Missed: March 2017

it’s been awhile since I was so sad to miss a show that I felt the need to blog about it. In fact, the last time was August 2016, when I missed Jason Derulo, Santigold, and Pretty Lights in Telluride and at the Red Rocks. That is arguably one of the biggest months for missed shows ever (I say without consulting my other Missed Shows posts, but I’m moderately confident in it).

Anyway, this month I missed seeing Gramatik in Vail, Colorado. This is a bummer because Gramatik is obviously one of my favorites and I think being up in the mountains would have been so magical. Mostly, though, I’m bitter because I actually WAS supposed to go to this show, but my whole trip to Colorado (which actually was not for the purpose of seeing Gramatik but would have been a major, major bonus) was called off when my flight out got cancelled. IT SUCKED. A lot. Jet Blue, you’re on notice.

This strengthens my resolve to go to Colorado in September for Big Gigantic‘s annual Rowdytown event, a Red Rocks weekend I have been lusting after for I think 4 years now. Maybe 2017 is the year.


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