What’s Your Power Song?

I was working at a tech conference some years ago, listening to a Nike exec talk about Nike Plus, a pre-Fitbit fitness tracker.

He explained that Nike Plus allows you to select a power song. This is the song that pumps you up when you need that extra boost of energy during your run. Maybe you’re feeling sluggish, or maybe you’re about to head into the home stretch of a half marathon. You press one button, your pre-selected power song comes on, and BOOM – the little kick of adrenaline helps you get through. He continued:

“We at Nike collect a lot of data from our Nike Plus users. There is one song that people overwhelmingly choose as their power song. The next most highly selected song is nowhere even close to this one. And I will give a free Nike Plus system to the first person who can guess what that song is.” It took about 2 seconds before someone in the audience shouted out the answer and received a Nike Plus.

Can you guess? I’ll let you think about it.

*cue Jeopardy music*

It is…

Eye of the Tiger!

“Oh….duh,” you are surely now thinking to yourself.

Now, as a non-runner (thanks to a cocktail of a bad knee and laziness), I don’t have or need a power song. My exercise insists almost entirely of taking various fitness classes in which the instructor telling me what to do is motivation enough to keep going.  But today I was in a particularly intense boot camp class, the kind where sweat was dripping onto the floor and my quads were slowly (or quickly) turning into noodles. I was tired. And then a great song came on and I felt completely re-energized and continued doing my seemingly endless set of mountain climbers.

That song was this one:

SO GOOD, RIGHT? A classic. And while not officially my power song, it was, at least for today, pretty close to one.

Do you have a power song? Comment! Tweet at me! Send me an ESP wavelength or whatever. I’m so fascinated by this concept.


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