Disc Jam: The Music

I don’t think I normally would have wanted to go to Disc Jam as I’m not super into jam bands (my attention span taps out after about 4 minutes of a song). However, there are 2 reasons why Disc Jam attracted my attention this year:

  1. The lineup contained an excess of funk music, which I love
  2. I think I may, kind of, sort of, almost, be getting into jam bands. Maybe.

So anyway, I took one look at the Disc Jam lineup and knew I had to go. And as always, the music did not disappoint. Here were the highlights:

Funky Dawgs Brass Band
I had only heard of this band because I have a Facebook friend who posts about them obsessively. I listened to this set from my perch at the box office, and it was so fun and upbeat. I will definitely be checking them out next time they come through New York. The video below is 50 minutes long but click anywhere in it and I promise you’ll enjoy!

The Motet
I first heard of The Motet when I was reading about Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic and learned that he used to be in the band. I’ve seen a Big G/Motet collab set but never The Motet on their own. Their style of funk is a little more old school, and I loved finally getting to see them at Disc Jam. HOWEVER. Their set was from 11pm to 1am, and I was insanely tired. So I did a very responsible thing and I went to bed at 11:45. So I missed most of the set, but I regret nothing. Because sleep is a beautiful thing.

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND LISTEN TO THIS BAND. They’re a 9 piece band from Brooklyn and this set was so good it was life-changing. I had heard a ton about their live shows but hadn’t gotten to see them before, and apparently I picked a good first show because I talked to someone who has seen them roughly 30 times and he said it was the best set he’s ever seen. I gush about music a lot, obviously, but I have seriously never felt such joy in a crowd as I did during Turkuaz. The energy was infectious. I’m almost afraid to post a video here because it doesn’t even come close to capturing the live experience. It was unreal.

Break Science Live Band
Break Science is normally an electro-hip hop duo, but the live band incorporates most of the members of the funk band Lettuce, so it steers a bit away from the hip hop vibe and, like everything else I’ve talked about in this post, gets into a funktastic dance party. It’s actually been probably 2 years since I’ve seen a Break Science set that DIDN’T involve the live band. I love them as a duo but I will never complain about the extra instruments. This was the #1 set I was looking forward to at Disc Jam and while it was hard to match Turkuaz (especially right after their set), they threw down in a major way.

Not a funk band! Esseks is a producer of egggggcellent bass music. He’s super diverse and is also a visual artist, which is often incorporated into his sets. I’m not sure how I first heard about him but I’ve seen him a number of times and every time is super fun. This set took place at the stage in the woods which was really cool late at night.

The first festival of the season has come and gone, and while I’m bummed that Disc Jam is over, I’m thrilled that Electric Forest is so soon!! I know there’s more great music on the horizon for me and I can’t wait to come back and share all about it. Until then!


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