Camp Bisco: The Music (2017)


Camp Bisco has come and gone and I have no more camping festivals for 2017. SAD TIMES. Just like Bisco 2 years ago, I saw some fantastic sets. Highlights below!

This was easily the best set of Bisco. It started off with some of his older works; really mellow, jazzy tracks. It slowly escalated until by the end he was throwing down some crazy dubstep heavy bangers. I’ve never seen a set progress like this and it was so weird but just SO much fun. Most people I talked to agreed it was the best set of the weekend.

This man never disappoints. He opened with the theme song from The Office (a popular choice for many artists seeing as Bisco is in Scranton, PA) as well as a clip of one episode and even though I don’t watch the show I’ve still listened to it on repeat because it’s fire. Check out the first 2 minutes of the video below.

Break Science
Break Science is an electro-hip-hop and funk duo that I haven’t seen in its pure form in years. I’ve recently only seen them with a full band, which is amazing but a different experience somewhat. I was pleased to see just the duo at Camp Bisco, and it was interesting to notice how their jam band side project, called Breaking Biscuits, has really influenced their sound a lot.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
I did not actually go to this set, but we could hear this stage from our camping spot. I was hanging out under our canopy when all of a sudden I heard Hava Negila playing, and it made my whole day. When my friends got back from the set they told me that when that song came on, everyone went totally nuts dancing like fools, and our other friend said, “Arielle would have liked this.” So true.

This was probably my favorite Shpongle set ever. Which isn’t necessarily saying much because I think I’ve only seen him 4 or 5 times and one of the times I had to leave early because the venue smelled like BO and it was nauseating. Simon Posford is just so beautifully strange. Shpongle is an amazing late night festival act.

This Brooklyn-based disco band is the best. I was singing their song “Cocaine Blues” for a full day afterwards. Listen below and you will too (though this recorded version is nothing compared to their live performances). Their lead singer is super talented and she’s a total badass.

Pretty Lights
This was such a special set because the band played a ton of rare tracks that don’t come out often. A friend of mine who was also at Bisco but not with me during this set texted me afterward and just wrote, “Holy fuck,” which just about sums it up. It was an amazing way to close out the weekend. If you have an hour and 20 minutes, just put this set on in the background and enjoy the magic. It was incredible.

The Disco Biscuits
Camp Bisco is named for the Biscuits and they play 6 sets throughout the weekend. In 2015 I went to about 1.5 sets, but this year I actually ended up going to 5 (I skipped one to catch Opiuo on a different stage). It was awesome to see how diverse their sets could be and feel the energy of all the diehards in the crowd. The video below is a Muse cover from Bisco 2015, which I will remain obsessed with for all time. And it feels appropriate because I’m finally seeing Muse live next week. EEEEEEE!


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