Blog Posts I Am Never Going to Write

In the Notes app on my phone lives a list of potential blog post ideas. The list has been going since 2014, and is almost entirely ideas that have come to me while I was at some show or another, because, unsurprisingly, music is what most inspires this blog about music.

The list grows more than it shrinks, because a lot of the time, if I can’t sit right down right away and work on an idea that I have, by the next day, I’m no longer inspired by that thought.

I told myself I would blog once a month in 2019, and since there are less than 2 hours left of February I decided to look at my list of post ideas for “inspo,” as the obnoxious social media world says.

I am wholly unimpressed with this list. But I also hate deleting things from the list if I haven’t written about them. So, instead of a “real” blog post, here’s a list of posts I will never write.

Lady Gaga and Kanye West are the same person
No, they’re not. I had this idea back when both artists had far different public personas than they do now, but this is still a dumb idea.

Bands to catch up on
I’ve referenced in some of my goals posts that I wanted to spend more time listening to bands that are well-loved yet that I feel I could dive deeper into. That list includes: Radiohead, Tool, Dave Matthews Band, Pink Floyd, LCD Soundsystem, and the Beatles. And look, blog post written! That’s all I really have to say on that topic. And also I have done very little of this, although I did put in some solid Radiohead time in 2018.

What IS house music? Brass house? TMZZ
TMZZ is Too Many Zooz, and brass house is the genre label they’ve given themselves. TMZZ is a band comprised of a trumpet, a drummer and a baritone sax. Can house music be contained within 3 instruments and no actual electronic production? The world may never know, because I’m never going to investigate this highly important question.

“Lizzi question”
This is related to a conversation I had a few years ago with, you guessed it, my friend Lizzi! I really should have written this  blog post because Lizzi actually asked me to write it. She wanted to dissect whether women felt safer, specifically with regards to men and potential sexual harassment or violence, at all-genre shows and festivals vs EDM shows and festivals. Her take was that she felt less comfortable in the more mainstream crowds at all-genre festivals because there’s a higher rate of alcohol consumption, which, let’s be honest, can sometimes turn people into shitheads. I wasn’t sure I agreed at the time, and I’m still not sure that I do. I think I did try to get some women to weigh in but couldn’t get enough of a conversation going to really get a post fleshed out.

5 weird festival tips
This post was predicated on the fact that I wanted to share some unsolicited advice about bringing mittens to music festivals. I know, mittens are never on your mind in the middle of July, but if you’re going to a camping festival that has predicted cold weather, mittens are awesome. You know you’re not going to bring a bulky coat or anything actually warm, but keeping your hands warm really does spread the warmth to the rest of your body. I learned this tip accidentally when I was freezing at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans and bought some mittens from a vendor. It was a game changer. Anyway though, I could never really think of any other tips that are “weird” so this post was kind of DOA. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of practical festival advice, but nothing too shocking.

My music bucket list
Queen (with Adam Lambert, I guess). Sia. Big Grizmatik. Britney Spears. There, now you have my live music bucket list.

Tada! It’s like 6 mini blog posts in one! Maybe this will inspire me to actually write some of the ones I didn’t put here. Or maybe they’ll end up in a future iteration of this post. TBD!


One thought on “Blog Posts I Am Never Going to Write

  1. I’ve been lucky enough to see Sia at Barclays and Queen (pre-Adam Lambert) at Nassau Coliseum and both are amazing. I’d see both again! (Especially Queen now with Adam Lambert!)


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