A Big Month For Writing Elsewhere

This may have been my most prolific month on Mix ever? Links below!

A preview on a new festival, Karoondinha, which has since been canceled (haha doh)

An interview with Mike Hawkins

An interview with trance producer Andrew Rayel

My first ever in person interview – Dabin! (At Electric Forest)

Another Electric Forest on-site interview – Corrupt!

A full Electric Forest recap (don’t forget about this one too)

An awesome new track from Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Elements Festival is coming!!! (eeeee!)


A Month of Mix Posts

As usual, over the last month I got to write about a ton of cool and interesting stuff over at Mix 247 EDM. So click through the links below to see what I was up to!

A recap of FestForums, a 2-day conference all about festival logistics and planning! To say I was in heaven is an understatement.

A preview of the Billboard Hot 100 festival on Jones Beach

Ravers, Let’s Do Better – a call to action for the electronic dance music community to stop giving ourselves a bad name

A really exciting written interview with Laidback Luke (!!!!). I loved researching this interview and learning more about him – such a cool and nice guy.

Recent posts on Mix 247 EDM

This was a really exciting month over at Mix 247 EDM because I got to write about a lot of cool ish. Links below!

After a long few years, Odesza finally releases some new music!

A preview piece on FestForums, 2 day conference all about festivals! (Yep, it’s true)

And the recap of FestForums, which was everything I could have hoped for and more

Island of Light, Pretty Lights’ new festival, looks incredible and expensive (additional thoughts on Island of Light here)

This year’s Meadows Festival has a ridiculously great lineup (Read about last year’s music and experience from my one day at Meadows 2016)

LightsOut review – what happens when you go to a show and can’t use your phone?

An interview with Made in June!


Mix247EDM posts!

Lots of artist interviews and other fun stuff going on at Mix 247 EDM!

Get ready to party in the dark (and no cell phones) at The Knitting Factory

An interview with Pablo Picasso’s great-grandson!

I got to ask some questions of one of my favorite electro-funk bands, SunSquabi!

Chatting with Josef Bamba about his new spin on an old song

A preview of Elements, my favorite NYC summer event!! (You can also read about my love of Elements here and here)

Talking to Triarchy about…coconuts?

Mix Posts Mix Posts Mixy Mixy Mixy Posts

As usual, I have been doing more writing over at Mix 247 EDM than I have here. FOR SHAME. I haven’t been feeling super creative lately, but I’m not giving up on this blog yet. Thank you all for bearing with me during this dry spell. But in the meantime, here’s what’s happening over yonder:

GRiZMATIK released a new track and WE ALL REJOICE 

Mysteryland phase 1 lineup! Y’all know how much I have loved ML in years past

This new drum & bass track “Spychase” actually sounds like a spy chase and it’s wonderful

I interviewed NYC electro-disco duo The Knocks!