On Repeat: So Much Kesha

I am enamored of Kesha’s new album, my friends. I’ve loved this badass chick for a long time and I’m so happy that she has risen from the ashes of hard times and is back touring and creating music. Her new album “Rainbow” is a pretty solid mix of OG Kesha plus some country twang (I know, it’s great though) and emotional ballads. Here are my current 2 favorites:

This is the ANTHEM right now. I am woman, hear me roar.  

It’s probably less than once a year that I get attached to feelsy ballads as I’m more of an upbeat music kind of lady. But here we are. This is so moving.

Are you also obsessed with Kesha’s new album? Do you have reasonably priced tickets to either of her upcoming NYC shows that you want to give me (please)? Let’s discuss.


On Repeat: Move Your Body, by Sia

It’s been a few years since the world caught on to the amazingness and the quirkiness of Sia, she of refusing-to-show-her-face and having-that-kooky-12-year-old-dance-in-her-videos fame. Yet it’s only been a few days since I really started paying her any serious attention.

Why did I catch on so suddenly? (And so late?)

Because of my zumba instructor. He plays a ton of her songs during each of his classes, and I figured I liked enough of them to want to download her music.

Even though I had heard “Move Your Body” a million times before in zumba class, I just really latched onto it when I downloaded Sia’s “This Is Acting” album and I cannot stop listening to it. This video is not official and the choreography is pretty terrible in my opinion, but THIS SONG. I love.

On Repeat: Drake, “One Dance”

This is terrible, you guys. I really like this Drake song. Except I really do not like Drake. But, as happens when every radio station, bar and retail store blast the same 10 songs at you over and over ad nauseam, stuff starts to grow on you.

(This is science. People tend to like songs that are familiar to them. When Outkast first debuted “Hey Ya” in 2003, no one liked it because it was different and weird. The way radio stations got people to love the song was by announcing that right after this new Outkast song, they would be playing whatever the cool, popular song of the moment was. This ensured that people didn’t change the station throughout this weird song that no one liked. And eventually by couching “Hey Ya” between songs people already liked, people grew to like “Hey Ya” also. I don’t remember where I read this story, but I didn’t make it up, promise.)

But I digress. “One Dance” is such a good song! Drake be damned. This is like when I was obsessed with that song “Trouble” and then I found it was by Taylor Swift which really upset me because UCH TSWIFT. But sometimes you just have to accept these things.

On Repeat: A Little Bassnectar and A Little Glee

2 songs I’m obsessively jamming out to recently that are basically polar opposites of each other:

“Speakerbox,” by Bassnectar

I don’t think “catchy” is the right word for this because it’s not the kind of thing that will get stuck in your head all day, but..it’s just so good.  

“And I Am Telling You,” Glee cast version

This song randomly came up on shuffle the other day and I re-fell in love with it. It’s one of the few Glee songs that doesn’t sound like a Kidz Bop-ed version of the original. Go Mercedes go! (Should I be embarrassed that I’m not at least listening to the Jennifer Hudson version? Too bad!) 

On Repeat: “Worth It,” by Fifth Harmony

Coming off an amazing Basslights weekend, you’d think I’d be rocking out to some head-banging, bass-heavy Bassnectar or some emotional electro-soul like Pretty Lights. Well, you’d be wrong.

I love a good saxophone line and this arguably crappy pop song has one. Who is Fifth Harmony, exactly? Another formulaic sassy girl group that will fade into oblivion in a year? Perhaps. I still dig this song though.

It reminds me a bit of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” which I was also heavily obsessed with for a long time. Except Jason Derulo is amazing and these Fifth Harmony chicks seem kind of lame.

Hudson Project 2014 was my first time ever seeing GRiZ, and the fact that he remixed this Jason Derulo song with his live sax just solidified how much I loved him as an artist. And still do!

On Repeat: Katy Perry, “Roar”

I’ve quietly loved this song since it first came out 2 years ago. In fact, I even got to see Katy Perry perform this live on a full boxing ring set under the Brooklyn Bridge, and she was all, “Sing along everyone!” and we were all, “This song came out 2 days ago we don’t know the words yet…?” But it was fun nonetheless and that story is kind of irrelevant.

I became re-obsessed with this song last weekend for no apparent reason. Can’t stop won’t stop.